What is holoride?

Buckle up, put on your VR headset and explore games and experiences with the holoride app, motion-synced with the car.

By wearing a VR headset, you can dive into the most mesmerizing worlds. From playing a fully immersive VR game to streaming your favorite videos to well-being experiences, everything is possible. There are no limits to your imagination!

Won’t I experience motion sickness with the VR headset in a car?

Actually, synchronizing content with the motion of the vehicle in real-time helps to reduce signs of motion sickness. This doesn’t mean that holoride reduces motion sickness or symptoms of nausea altogether: Keep in mind that the feeling of motion sickness is also influenced by other external factors.

Where do I need to sit to experience holoride?

holoride experiences have been designed for backseat passengers. Which seats are supported may vary depending on the car model you are traveling in.

How safe is holoride?

Your safety is extremely important to us. holoride is a backseat experience. To make your holoride as safe as possible, we ask that you buckle up before each ride and connect the headset's safety strap to your seat belt. Make sure to carefully read the safety instructions before trying out holoride for the first time.

Never distract the driver of the car and never use holoride while sitting in a front seat.

What do I need?

If you want to use holoride in a holoride-ready vehicle, you need an eligible VR device, a gamepad, a safety strap and a holoride subscription. You can buy all at once in our pioneers package. To check if your car is holoride-ready, please refer to this article.

Where can I give feedback on the holoride experience?

As we are providing a unique experience and are working with innovative technologies your thoughts and opinions are very valuable to us. We would love to hear from you at info@holoride.com or one of our social media accounts.