How can I check if my car is holoride-ready?

Here you will find a list of vehicles that are compatible with holoride.

As of June 2022, select Audi models that roll off the production line are holoride-ready. Requirements to use holoride in Audi vehicles: MIB 3 with the latest Software Cluster (starting with model year 2023) and the option “Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment”. Moreover, the EFP control unit must be in place and the option ‘Remote Park Assist Plus’ must not be selected.

In detail, this includes the following models:

  1. Audi A4

  2. Audi A5

  3. Audi A6

  4. Audi A7

  5. Audi A8

  6. Audi Q5

  7. Audi Q7

  8. Audi Q8

  9. Audi etron

  10. Audi etron Sportback

  11. Audi etron GT

Based on the vehicle’s motion data from a number of sensor sets such as acceleration, steering, and wheel ticks, holoride’s software will enable it to connect to the car with the VR headset. In Audi’s particular case, the connection will be enabled wirelessly and via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard.

Can I confirm this in the myAudi App?

Open the myAudi App or log into your myAudi account in your browser. Go to your settings and check the list of services. If holoride is listed under services, your car is already holoride-ready.