The Cloudbreakers NFT Collection

The Skyjack NFT gives its owners exclusive benefits.

Cloudbreakers is a collection of 5,225 randomly generated, in-game playable Skyjacks, an advanced droid. Forged by orphaned engineer genius Dev, each Skyjack in this holoride-issued collection is a unique prototype developed prior to its final design.

The Skyjack NFT gives its owners exclusive access to the entire Cloudbreakers universe. Each unique NFT will grant entry to the exclusive Haven community and can be equipped as a playable character within Cloudbreakers: Leaving Haven. Additionally, hidden within each NFTs’ metadata, there is a link to a profile picture of the specific Skyjack. Holders of a Skyjack NFT will have priority minting access to future NFT collections, early access to the development of the Cloudbreakers story, eligibility for raffles, and much more. In the future, Skyjack NFTs will be able to ‘scavenge’ items in the real world.

How many Skyjack NFTs are there?

5,225. You can view the whole collection and trade them on various marketplaces:

Does the NFT give an advantage in the game?

We are not fans of “pay-to-win” mechanics. Therefore, in-game use is purely aesthetic.