How do I access the profile picture to my Skyjack from the Cloudbreakers NFT Collection?

All holders of a Skyjack NFT from the Cloudbreakers collection receive both an animated full body avatar as well as a corresponding profile picture of their unique Skyjack NFT.

How do I find my Skyjack profile picture to download it?

Step 1: Log into your web wallet and navigate to the NFTs tab.

Step 2: Find the NFT you are looking for and copy the NFT ID. Let’s take Skyjack #0260 as an example. Its NFT ID is CLDBRKRS-e1ae14-0104.

Step 3: Search the ID on Elrond Explorer.

Step 4: Click the URL link at the bottom of the page that ends with “.json”.

Step 5: You have now opened the metadata file of the NFT.

Look for “pfp”, copy the corresponding URL and past it into your browser’s search bar. You will now see your pfp.

We are looking forward to seeing many more Skyjacks as profile pics on Twitter and in tweets. Make sure to tag our Cloudbreakers Twitter account.

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