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What is a family group?

By creating a family group, you and up to four other family members can share access to holoride.

A family group provides a means to invite others to join in and experience holoride. After one adult in your household signs up for the holoride subscription, they can share access to their subscription by creating a family group.

Managing a family

You have the option to create a Family within holoride. This means that you can invite minors under the age of 16 and create accounts for them that you can manage. Accounts for minor children are to be created and monitored by the parents.

You can also invite other adults to your Family, whether they already have an account or still need to create one.

Even with a trial subscription you are able to create a family group and share your subscription.

Leaving or switching family groups

Before you can switch family groups, you need to leave the one you're currently in. To exit a family group, navigate to your account settings and remove your account from your current family group.

As the admin of a family group, you may remove all other members.

In the case of minors, the accounts and data will be deleted permanently.