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Troubleshooting your devices

Common solutions

Hint: Don't be afraid to restart your devices or use the retry options, they are there for a reason! Sometimes all it takes to fix an issue with an electronic device is a quick reboot.

Restarting the HTC VIVE Flow

The HTC VIVE Flow is very easy to restart and boots up quickly. You can restart it in two ways:

  1. Remove the power source by simply unplugging it and wait for the headset to shut down automatically after 10 seconds. Plug it back in and the headset will restart.
  2. Press and hold the headset button (on the top right) for 12 seconds to perform a hardware restart.

I turned on my headset, but the gamepad is not working

Try turning the gamepad off and on again to pair it again. Press and hold Start for 3 seconds to turn off the gamepad. Then press Start to turn it back on.

I can’t mirror my phone, why is that?

Your phone needs to support Miracast in order to mirror your phone screen on VIVE Flow. Also make sure your phone is unlocked and the screen is on.

If your phone does support phone mirroring and phone mode does not work, please refer to this article. A list of compatible phones can be found here.

My gamepad is connected but the buttons do not work correctly

Make sure that your gamepad is set to X-input mode. The mode switch is located on the backside of the gamepad. When using the 8BitDo Pro 2 four small LEDs on the bottom of the controller tell you which controller mode is currently active:

  • LED 1 blinking: D-input mode
  • LED 2 blinking: X-input mode
  • LED 3 blinking: macOS mode
  • LED Rotating: Switch mode or pairing mode
  • Solid LED: connection is successful

I am stuck in a menu or within a game and can’t go back to the menu. What can I do?

Confirm that your controller is set to X-input mode (see above). Press Select on your controller and go to holoride mode. If the controller still does not work or your screen is frozen, try a manual restart by pressing and holding the Headset button for 12 seconds.

I lost my gamepad. Where can I get a new one?

Compatible gamepads can be re-ordered individually from our webshop here.

From time to time my view and the orientation of my car are not in sync. Why do I have to keep re-centering my view?

In specific circumstances the positional data of your vehicle might not be correct for short times. For example tall buildings in densely built-up areas can interfere with the localisation of your vehicle. In these cases please  re-center your view regularly for optimal visual comfort.

I can not connect to my phone’s hotspot

All VIVE Flow devices sold through the holoride store are capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi Hotspot using the 2.4 GHz band. If you did not buy your VIVE Flow through holoride’s store you might have an older version that is only capable of connecting to a Wi‍-Fi hotspot using the 5 GHz band. Please follow the instructions in this article from HTC to change your Wi-Fi hotspot to 5 Ghz.

If you are using an iPhone: Open Settings > Personal Hotspot. Check the bottom of the page for an item called Maximize Compatibility. If this option is present, try turning it off. This will change your hotspot to 5 GHz if your model of iPhone is capable of it.

I have a holoride-ready Audi but I am having issues connecting my headset to it

Some Audi related services need an active internet connection. Please make sure that your car and headset have a working internet connection.