LMG Cooperation: Claim your art piece

Learn how to receive your physical art piece that belongs to the NFT LMG GT No.2

The launch of the LMG GT NO.2 NFT collection is a pivotal moment for LMG Racing Club! Alongside this innovative release, we are delighted to offer NFT owners the opportunity to claim a physical print of their digital artwork. Follow this guide to verify your ownership and provide shipping details to receive the print, ensuring a seamless experience.

What does owning an LMG GT NO.2 NFT entail?

Owning an LMG GT NO.2 NFT goes beyond digital art; it's a symbol of the fusion of motorsport passion and artistic expression. Each holder is entitled to a high-quality physical print of their NFT, representing a tangible connection to Laura-Marie Geissler's vision and the LMG Racing Club community.

How do I claim the physical print if I own an LMG GT NO.2 NFT?

Step 1) Navigate to https://wallet.multiversx.com/

Step 2) Click “Access Wallet” and log in with either your keystore, Maiar wallet, or Ledger of the account that holds the eligible LMG GT NO.2 NFT.

Step 3) Once logged in, navigate to the “Sign Message” tab in the left menu.

Step 4) In the “Message” field, please enter:

1️⃣ Your full name

2️⃣ Your shipping address including your country

3️⃣ Your NFT number

4️⃣ Optionally, your Discord and/or Twitter handle for community engagement.

Click sign.

Step 5) Copy the signed message and email it to Lmgracingclubshop@gmail.com . Note: We will check that you still hold the eligible NFT in your wallet at the end of the claiming period. If not, your claim will be void!

Step 6) Sit tight! Your physical print will be shipped and delivered within 5-10 business days. Patience is appreciated as we manually process each shipment for accuracy and quality. Congratulations on being part of this groundbreaking journey!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out Lmgracingclubshop@gmail.com . Please be aware of LMG Racing Club’s T&Cs related to this offer.