How long are holoride vouchers valid?

holoride voucher codes are valid for several months after purchase.

This information only applies if you have purchased a product before March 1st 2023 which included a subscription.

When you bought your holoride compatible car you might have already received a holoride subscription voucher via email. holoride vouchers are valid for several months after purchase. This way we ensure that you can still activate the voucher once your car has been delivered.

You will also receive a voucher code via email if you have ordered the holoride subscription or a product bundle that contains a subscription via our webshop. Since you will need to hold the rest of the order in your hands to actually make use of the subscription we suggest you wait until then with redeeming your voucher code.

I already redeemed my voucher but can not use the subscription because I have not received my order yet. Can you extend the duration of the subscription accordingly?

Please contact us directly in this case.

Can I buy a subscription for someone else?

Access to the subscription can be shared with up to four other family members for no additional cost. Learn how to create a Family Account in this article.